Monday, July 27, 2020

Book Review: Under His Everything: Hybrid Heat Book Seven

Under His Everything: Hybrid Heat Book Seven

This is a Her Tangh-i-ness Approved read. I’ve read this book from beginning to end twice. I’d been reading Kiki Burrelli for awhile. I am also a Black FemDom, so Sibelius is the kind of character I felt represented me as an ethical Dom.

Yes, Ken and Karen, there are such things. Anyhoo, this is about the lovestory at the center of a M/M Mpreg Alpha/Omegaverse where I first started reading Kiki’s Wolf’s Mate, then the Den Series, then Hybrid Heat, and fell deeper and deeper into her story worlds.

First off, I appreciate Kiki for writing Sibelius, a Black man as a MC who didn’t make me want to throw a book across a room. Positive Black MC characters are an exception still, not the norm, in too many genres. Sibelius has control issues. What Dom…ahem…human doesn’t?

I appreciate Sibelius’s nonBlack mate, Griffith, for being a reflection of a real struggle that submissive males have. Yes, Ken and Karen, Griffith likes giving it up to Sibelius. He has wanted nothing more than to do so, but the problem is Sibelius thinks he knows what’s best for the both of them.

One can argue this is a classic case of Topping from Below, but I think it’s more a case of how ethical Doms and subs are like magnetic poles that learn to harmonize with each other. These two love each other and for those of us who are kinky and think men should get pregnant on a regular basis, all we really want is some angst, a few action set pieces, plenty of NSFW Perv moments on their way to the knotting that leads to a healthy, happy little offspring.

Her Tangh-i-ness definitely thinks Sibelius and Griffith should return in a series of their own. Hint. Hint. Kiki are you listening?

Note: This Under His Everything: Hybrid Heat Book Seven was a self-purchased digital title. Her Tangh-i-ness usually reviews on a for-the-love basis. No lucre has been involved.