Monday, November 9, 2020

Book Review: Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark

Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark

'Lo People,

This more than a Her Tangh-i-ness Approved read. This book is about Representation of the rich lore that belongs specifically to the African Descended who ended up in Northern Turtle Island. Her Tangh-i-ness, at 13 years old, read A Wrinkle in Time and finished the book and said to herself. That was all about saving Megan's dad and Charles Wallace. Why isn't the book about Megan really doing something for herself?

2020 the year most of us can't wait to be over, Enter Maryse Boudreaux. She actually lost her entire family, unlike Megan from a Wrinkle in Time, and had to live with it.

I wish I had Ring Shout to read back when I was thirteen. This is one of those books that made me think I seriously need to step up my game. I am all about the Maryse Boudreaux. I love me some sword. Maryse has a spirit sword, P. Dèjí Clark says. Her Tangh-i-ness is like Oooooooooooh!

P. Dèjí Clark says, Maryse gotta a crew with a lesbian incendiary device-maker, a wisemouth high-yaller sista, a Native American scientist, and a Gullah root woman. Her Tangh-i-ness is nodding in approval, them's her kind of peeples.

P. Dèjí Clark says, Imma tell part of de story inna Atlantic Black Creole called Gullah. Her Tangh-i-ness, who appreciates fine code-switching, is all ears.

P. Dèjí Clark says, Maryse getting herself into kinds of Fantastical Good Troubles Her Tangh-i-ness is flipping pages.

P. Dèjí Clark says, Here's Lovecraftian Horror done right. Lookit Butcher Clyde wif all dem mouths and this Grand Cyclops wormy-thing. Her Tangh-i-ness is eyes locked to the page and savoring every word.

P. Dèjí Clark says, Maryse's gotta fine Black man who understands how to properly worship da kitten. Even if there is an ellipsis immediately after that line. Her Tangh-i-ness is all about keeping hold of a well-trained brother.

P. Dèjí Clark says, Remember that piece of crap reel—Birth of a Nation? Lemme show ya how Maryse do.... Her Tangh-i-ness trusts the rest of ya'll to read for yourselves to see how that played out. Her Tangh-i-ness is STILL chuckling to she-self.

Peace out

Note: Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark was a self-purchased digital title. Her Tangh-i-ness usually reviews on a for-the-love basis. No lucre has been involved.