Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot for Werewolves

'Lo Peoples,

Don't know if I'll get into theatres to see Avatar. It's doing well in the box office without my dollars although I'll probably see it once it comes to Netflix or DVD. I am mighty curious about the upcoming remake of The Wolfman with Benecio Del Toro though.

Her Tangh-i-ness has been avoiding the Twillight craze. I have issues with idealizing a boyfriend who can potentially kill his girlfriend at whim being part of his allure. That's a dangerous thought to influence young girls. However, I admit to watching True Blood and Underworld because both of those series feature some of my favorite supernatural beings—the much reviled shapechangers—the werefolk.

Yeah, Vamps are sexy. Yawn. Gimme the primal energy of the werefolk. Raze and Lucian from Underworld, Remus Lupin from Harry Potter, and even Sam Merlotte from True Blood evoke that pheremone-laden reaction within me.

The actor David Naughton years ago convinced me that werewolves are one of the best excuses ever to get away with showing off a male body in the raw. Lon Chaney Jr. I mooned over because despite being the Wolfman, I felt convinced he still remained a gentle soul. Jack Nicholson versus James Spader has to be one of the best were-on-were battles ever. The werewolf doesn't always have to be a deranged animal that has to be put down. He or she can take that passion and channel it into something screenworthy. I am fond of a film called Skinwalkers (This isn't the Hillerman inspired title) for that reason.

If I'm not writing, it's easy for me to get out of sorts with myself. I really love pushing characters around on a computer screen, if not on paper. I'd been having a writing dry spell. It wasn't a block. I found myself greatly distracted with online dating. You see it's the huntress in me that gets the werewolf. I don't have to think about it. I know. I thought I'd have to write some more slash to further horrify male gamers who cringe at the idea of their fave videogame alter-egos boinking one another. No need, the werefolk came to my rescue.

So I started with a dream. Werewolf meets girl and boy. Werewolf bites boy so he can move in on girl. Werewolf messes around with boy. Boy likes it. Girl decides to den with both of them. Throw in French Slavery, Métissage, the time of La Révolution Française, and you have it. It might not be the greatest ménage à trois ever penned, but at least it's currently two thousand words more than I'd written before.


Her Tangh-i-ness

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